Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For My Friend.......

.....I have this friend who tells me often that I should write a cook book :) Umm sounds like a lot of work.....a blog will have to do lol!!!

I've fallen in love with cooking for my family. Trying new things. Broadening our veggies of choice. I am also not afraid to change a recipe or put 2 recipes together to change them into something new.

The catch to this blog......we have changed our diet to vegetarian :) If Vegetarian isn't your thing, this blog will not be of interest to you.

Why Vegetarian?
After watching Food Inc & Food Matters we began researching the Vegetarian Diet, and it just clicked for us, this is the change we have been looking for :) I highly recommend those 2 documentaries!!

Most recipes will probably fall into the category of Lacto-Ovo.....meaning we eat (organic) Dairy and still will eat our Chicken Eggs :)

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